Portfolio Companies

AIQ Solutions

AIQ Solutions has developed an advanced clinical decision support platform based upon advanced analytics, including artificial intelligence, to provide better treatment response in patients, with a current focus on oncology to detect lesions and quantify disease burden over time.

Blue Pillar

Blue Pillar's Aurora® IoT platform and patented deployment methodology is the first solution to connect behind-the-meter distributed energy resources by self-prescribing secure IoT networks that enable real-time control of assets and collection of energy data.

Always in Touch [aka OnKöl]

OnKöl is a simple-to-use invention that connects elderly and those with special needs to their family and caregivers. It provides a team approach to helping care for a loved one, while allowing them to continue to live independently in their home.


Centron’s fuel enhancers boost gasoline and diesel mileage and eliminate undesirable emissions, including nitrous oxides and volatile organic compounds.


enosiX enables real-time, intelligent integration between SAP and front-end platforms including Salesforce.


FactoryFix connects manufacturing companies to a vetted network of skilled pros such as CNC machinists, programmers, welders, designers, and maintenance techs.


HarQen is a web telephony company that uses its voice-to-web audio technology and social networking platform for business applications.

Health Scholars

Health Scholars provides scalable virtual reality (VR) training for healthcare.


Hologram is the Cellular Connectivity Platform for IoT.


Intellihot designs and manufactures more efficient, intelligent water heating and delivery systems that are powerful enough to handle the extreme loads of commercial and industrial applications, and precise enough to manage the unique demands of residential properties.

LiquidCool Solutions [fka Hardcore Computer]

LiquidCool Solutions has developed a proprietary technology that uses patented liquid submersion cooling to remove heat from computer hardware and other electronic devices.


Lumanu has developed a platform where brands can securely pay to amplify their content through a marketing influencer's social media account.


NanoStatics provides solutions for the development of high performance materials in a broad scope of product applications through the practical use of nanofibers in a manufacturing environment.


NuCurrent designs efficient antennas for wireless power transfer.

OPS Solutions [aka Light Guide Systems]

OPS Solutions sells its patented Light Guide Systems™ to manufacturing companies, providing the combination of proprietary software and advanced projection technology to provide step-by-step directions for manual operations.


PegEx offers a platform for small and medium waste producers to cost-efficiently dispose of their waste.

Physician Software Systems

Physician Software Systems is a SaaS platform to more accurately dose erythropoiesis-stimulating agents (ESAs) for treating anemia in dialysis patients.


Realync is a video leasing and engagement platform for multifamily housing properties enabling live video tours, live virtual open houses, and do-it-yourself pre-recorded videos of properties.


ScholarCentric’s Success Highways™ program is the only university researched drop-out prevention program in the K-12 market and was developed by Dr. Scott Solberg at the University of Wisconsin in a multi-year study that identified the failure factors and developed a program for at-risk students to achieve success.


SkySpecs develops drone technology that is changing the way enterprises inspect and maintain critical infrastructure. With wind turbines, SkySpecs has automated a streamlined process of data collection, analysis, and maintenance to optimize repair dollars spent and minimize downtime for inspection and repair.


Steamchain has developed a Machine-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform that enables original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to offer usage-based financing to their customers.


ThirdPartyTrust has developed a simple and scalable vendor risk management platform.